About Apple M1 chip support of SBrowserQ

You can skip the following. Please refer to the installation notes and downloading it .

Because the MAC will be migrated from Intel-based CPUs to Apple M1 chips SBrowerQ also tried to follow suit.

Currently, SBrowerQ can be installed on a Mac with an M1 chip if Rosetta2 is installed. It works as it is. It's sensuous, but it seems to be as fast as or slower than a Intel-based Mac.
So, I tried to create and distribute M1 chip-native SBrowserQ, but I stumbled a little.

The problem is that the AdoptOpenJDK currently built into SBrowserQ does not yet support the M1 chip.
Only Zulu OpenJDK provided by Azul was already supported, so I tried to incorporate it.
However, although it works normally in the environment where Java is installed, when I made a Bandle version of SBrowserQ so that it could be distributed, it did not work.
Becaouse I did not know the cause ,I left it as it is. I download the upgraded version of Zulu Java in March this year and I made the Bandle version again
This time it worked fine.
However, the SBrowserQ icon is not displayed in the DocK. This is currently under investigation, but I don't know. Well, the Java icon is displayed, so I compromise on this for a while.

Furthermore, there is no launcher (the one that starts the Java virtual machine) that starts SBrowserQ when Bandle is performed. I've been using Apple's JavaAppLaucher, but it doesn't support the M1 chip. I couldn't help it, so I decided to make it myself. Not enough it works, but it's okay because SBrowserQ can be started.

However, when I download it from the Internet, I can't start Shogi Burauza becouase displayed that it is broken. Previously, when opening security in Preferences message was dispalyed as " Would you start SBrowserQ still?", and if you answer "yes" to it, you could startted, but this time it is not displayed at all. It was the same even if I disabled Gatekeeper on my Mac. I think it's because of my own maked launcher. It can not be helped, so I'll take a little troublesome way but now you can install it somehow.

Now I can manage to provide an M1 chip compatible version of SBrowserQ, but there is no Shogi engine that runs on the M1 chip. (I can't find it so far) So I tried to make YaneuraOu an M1 chip native.
First of all, Intel extension instructions was not compatible at all, so recompiled with a compile option that does not use this. I still get an error. Forcibly , I fixed a few places (header file) and finally the compile error disappeared. I'm unsure if this is okay, but tested by incorporating it into SBrowserQ. It is working for the time being.

I want to officially release the one created here as an M1 chip compatible version, but there are still the above problems so will release as a β version for the time being.SBrowserQ itself works just like the Intel version. I don't know when it will be, but if the above problem is solved, I will release it as an official version.
The M1 native version is fast! !! ..
If you are using an M1 chip Mac, it is a β version rather than emuration by Rosetta2, but we recommend using this.

Download and install

Installation notes

The 将棋ぶらうざQ folder in the dmg file provided this time will not work as an application as it is. Therefore, please do as follows.

  • Create a new folder with an appropriate name in the location where you want to install SBrowserQ.
  • Copy the entire Contents folder under the 将棋ぶらうざQ folder of the downloaded dmg file to the created new folder.
  • Finally, change the name of the created new folder to "SBrowserQ.app". (The extension must be .app) Clicking on that folder will launch SBrowserQ. After that, refer to the attached installation guide and make each setting.p>

    I will explain how to incorporate 水匠3 into SBrowserQ using M1 chip compatible YaneuraOu.