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SBrowserQ is software for shogi playing a game and management a game record.
This program was developed as a Java desktop application.

V3.7 main changes

Created the English version of SBrowserQ. Along with that, the configuration of the setting menu was changed. [Various Settings] have been moved to the [Preferences], and settings such as database and shogi engine installation have been moved to the [Etensions(X) Menu]. Also, the language and date format can be selected in the [Preferences].

The Ki2 format of the game record was not able to hold the consumption time, but it is possible to hold the consumption time in SBrowserQ while maintaining compatibility so that it can be read by other shogi software.
Also, the bundled version of AdoptOpenJDK has been updated.
  Other than that, we are fixing the problems. See history for details.

In addition, animation display of piece movement was added as V3.7.1, and the screen display was mainly improved in V3.7.2 .
In V3.7.3 , fixed the failure caused by the modification of V3.7.1 .
In V3.7.4 , fixed the failure caused by the modification of V3.7 .

2021.4 I created SBrowserQ for Mac with M1 chip. It is a beta version due to various reasons, but it is available.
M1 chip native, so it's fast.

About Apple M1 chip support of SBrowserQ

SBrowserQ Screenshot (Under Game Record analysis)